Reached the orgasm and the contractions still pulsing were fading, we looked at us, one another, with an only question that we had whispered almost at the same time.
‘What happened us in our past life?’
michealuke5moltiplicaiIt seemed, our past life, in someways, was been broken, and since when i was falled in the bar, all those passion were been found again. And eachtime we were made love a little piece of  our past life recomposed itself. And maybe it was so. Maybe we were making relive everything we had no lived in the past.
We were looking at us deeply in these istants, and we were understanding that what we were feeling was even the reborn of our past love.
Our feelings, since that fateful night, were growed up much.
In our past life was happened something bad, we had felt it.
And just when you have helped me to stand up, unconciously, we have etablished again a contact, broke, maybe centuries ago, and around us it were created that atmosphere that till hours ago, we had find inexplicably magic, and our souls have found again their roots.
We were looking at us one another.
You had still the shirt over your arms and you was above me, i have placed my hand on your bare chest, and with the other i was caressing your face. Our hearts were about to explode literally.
We were talking us with the eyes.
You was saying me ‘We  found ourselves again’. and in a whisper ‘Anything that will happens, we will be close one another.’ and while you was saying me this, sweetly you have approached you to me to kiss me.
A tear was falling from you face. I had dry it. In those words there was all love you had for me. I was looking at you, caressing your face. I was breathless.
In those few moments we were loving us more than in another times we have done love.
We were loving us spiritually and beyond.
We were feeling around us something magical that was entering in us, and we had make it enter without make any resistance. And that something, had pushed us again to kiss us softly still one more time. We kissed us till we were falled sleep.”



⇐“We were looking

“In the sleep ⇒

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