“We were looking

At us, one another, as we had have never looked at us before.
Slowly, our glances were become more passionate, and slowly our moves were became those.
My fingers were unbottoning your shirt and sweetly my hand has slided in your shirt.
owenbarforteYou was looking at me, waiting for.
Gently your shirt falled down over your arms, while i was biting my lips for the excitement.
Without say nothing, you was looking at me, you was approaching you to me and sweetly you have took me, and without take off your glance from me, you have took me upstair.
With the most sweetest way, you have lay me on the bed, and you have continued to stare at me for a moment, then you have started to take off me my t-shirt.
You was still giving me little kisses on the mouth. I was at your mercy
We had know that we were doing, it was bonded at which we had seen few minutes ago.
We were feeling that all this passion it had must be, in someways, burned.
We given ourselves only little soft kisses. But the were the most passionate kisses.
We were wrapped in our passion.
Our breathe were short but continues.
We were loving us in the sweetest way possible.
Our kisses were interruped only, sometimes, because we wanted look at us, in our eyes and to know that wasnt a dream.
Our sweet kisses were continued for hours, and just after when our passion, was at the peak, our bodies were become only one. There, you exploded in me… together with me.”


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