“You was

tangle81forteLooking at me, biting your lips and you was looking for to hold back all, the emotions you was feeling. Me had my heart was about to explode. The only thing that could calm us was to hold our hands one in another and make a great and deep breathe.
What which we had seen was been a fragment of our past life.
The same.
With a thread of voice ‘Were really we?’
There was no need to reply.
We were in a big green space. It seemed a valley.
We were there in the middle. It seemed that we were holding our hands, one in front another. We were looking at us one another in the same way we were looking at us in this moment. With all the love we were feel.
That green valley in which we were, was immense, but it seemed it couldnt contain all those feelings that we had one for another.
Suddenly, that image is exploded and it has disappeared as in a bubble.
We remained breathless.  We had not realize that we were looking at us more deeply.
Our emotions, suddenly were elevated at maximum, and now our only desire, was to approaching us one another, after a floating moment, and at the end, to kiss us passionately. As if that kiss, was that one that we would have given ourselves in that valley.”


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“We were looking ⇒

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