You came

Next to me, while i was still sleeping, slowly you have embraced me.
I have feel you.
Slowly i have opened the eyes and you was there. You was been sweet while you caressed me. I book0001had felt you. I was about to drive crazy.
Your whispers. Your lips on my skin. Your embrace always more sweet, and our parallel world expanded itself around us.
And even now, im here writing, i feeling your closeness, your embrace wrapping me so tight. My heart is going to explode, cause i still feel you didnt left me since when i woke up myself.
I can feel your closeness always more strong.
Our parallel world get connecting us, one another in a such way in these minutes.
You’re still embrace me, you seem to say me ‘Dont leave me’…I whisper you ‘No i dont’.
In front one another, your glance in mine. I shaking.
Softly you take my hand to your chest, you kissing me making slide my hand  in your shirt that slowly falls down over your arms.
We remain overwhelm by our emotions we are feel.
Slowly you’re approach you to me, while you close the eyes you kiss me.


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