“During that

bh26forteAfternoon  we were looking for to go foward normally, but it was  been almost impossible. Each emotions we were feeling was amplyfied and we looked for to discover something about our past life lived together.
We had eat. You had prepared something, while i was on the sofa and i was talking to you.
I was rembembering how much i had felt your impact on me, when you was entered in the bar for the the first time, and everything around me, even in that dark local, were became more clear. You was listening to me as if i was tell you a fairytale.
Those emotions were around us, and you was still enchanted by my words. It was like, as if you was feeling them, one more time.
‘I’ve noticed you immediately, from the first night you came in’
‘Me, instead i’ve noticed you later. The first times i was came, i was with my friends, but when i turned my face toward to you, and our glances met, i’ve perceveid something’
Now we were looking deeply in our eyes and in distance in our glances we glimpsed some shadows.
We were remained breathless. We had no asked ourselves if we had seen somethng, because it would been a stupid question.
We had seen something in our glances and what we were feeling it has overwhelm us really.”


⇐“After that kiss

“You was ⇒

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