I close the eyes

insta0817forteAnd i feel you coming  and you’re about to embrace me. I need you and your sweet embrace, of your sweet smile only for me, i need to feel your sweet deep voice and of our paralell world around us.
Despite we are far, i feel when our connection get close us one another.
Slowly i feel your lips leaning on mine and my breathe get faster and faster, and you know it.
That enough, our thought and  everything seems so real.
You’re whispering me words you have never say to anybody. I feeling them inside of me, and i blush, while i still feel your arms wrapping sweetly tight me.
That’s we need in our parallel world.
Of these sensations.
Me of your hands, your glances.
You, maybe of  my reactions to your touches, my breathe, my hands on your chest.
Of our whispers. We need of everything of this.
We need of our parallel world.


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