“After that kiss” – ○123○


You looked at me with all your sweetness, and love you had for me, and you was looking for still something of explicable, but even looking for in the deep, the logical didn’t existed, but even in someway exists but it was like just a crumb.

We were involved in something incredible, and real at the same time. But the only real thing was we were there, and our hearts were beating hard.
We were looking at us one another still surprised of what we had discovered.
We had to discover what Sowelu wanted say to us.

Since I was fallen, and you helped me, there was been immediately something, it had make click in our souls, but till today we had no know what was.
Something more of a simply attraction: we felt it, that it was different: it was deepest, it was something that came from very far.
Ours souls were been reunited still one more time, and now we were feel in something bigger.

“Do you feel what I’m feeling?” You asked you taking my hand: in fact, I was feeling something.
By now, after what has happened few minutes ago, there no was nothing that it would have must make me surprise, instead, it made me surprised. once again.

“I’m feeling, slowly my soul is expanding itself” I have replied you in a thread of voice.
“Yes” you nodded.
It was like, as if our souls were growing inside of us, and were reaching, again, the point of conjunction with our past lives and the present life.
Why our souls joined together even more, we had must to reach this point of awareness even with a sense of logical.

Shyly, we smiled, and as I was seeing in your eyes that sparkle, you was doing the same with me, and those great sensation we were feeling, was just that little sense of logical, in something really magic.”


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