Hearts were beating so hard. We were lacked the air. We knew us in a past life and we were met again in this life.
Our lives were united before, already before we met in the bar.
We were looking for to rembember something about our past life. but it was impossible do that.
In the whole world nobody were been able to do that, but in someways we were able to.
bh17scuri-1In some sparkle of our eyes we had know that. It has been as a ray of light had illuminated at the same moment our souls and in that moment we had seen little pieces of our past life together.
You was looking at me, while i felt myself empty inside.  I was elaborating. We were elaborating everything.
‘So, all these feelings, those desire to externalise everything was our past life that was saying that we were found us even here, in the present’ while you have whispered it, i was about to feel my emotions come out, as a bomb launched by a pirate ship.
I was looking at you, and while i was doing, that bomb has been launched.
And it was like, around us, was exploded a bomb made of a moltitude of color and a little dust twirled around us.
After this moment of absolute magic, we had understood a little of things, by now, were became little certainties.
Everything we had wrote after i was falled. Our words written were feelings, emotions we had left in suspension in our past life. And the love we have done with those passion, was the present that said us we were found us yet.
We looked at us, one another. ‘I had know that you was magic’ you  have whispered me, approaching you to me. ‘Everything i had feel since we had sharing our first glance was magic, and now that we were reunited, i want stay with you forever.’
While you was saying these words, my heart was exploding and my eyes got wet by a tear.
Slowly you had dry my tear then you have kiss me sweetly. My only desire was that kiss it had no end. I only whispered you ‘Love me, as how you do know’.”


⇐“It was useless

“After that kiss ⇒


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