When you stop

insta26moltiplica-1Yourself, for a while and think about those vise in your stomach that you had since when you was woke up and all the thoughts toward to those person, and now you cant do anything about it, cuz the vise  got grow up so much.
It’s time to leave everything and begin slowly free your mind, and leave your emotions to have the windward.
I close my eyes and slowly i feel your closeness. I feel your embrace from behind.
You wrap me with your arms and you ask me, in your whisper, ‘How are you?’. I just can reply you ‘I was waited for you’.
You turning me round and right after i dive myself in your eyes and i remain breathless.
I can feel you touch my face, i close my eyes again sighing and whispering you ‘If we could be stay in this way, forever’.
Forever in our parallel world, where nobody else cant enter.
I feel you take my hands on your chest.  Slowly, with your glance, you say me to do it. I take a deep breathe and slowly my hand touch your bare chest.
We remain so, while you gently, approach you to me and caress my face and you kiss me softly. My heart explode.


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