“It was useless

To thinking about it. You had right. What has happened among us, around us it was the most beautiful thing that we had in our life. There was no reason to looking for a logical reason.
You were in front of me and i dived myself in your eyes and in your own eyes, there was the only  thing i really needed. You. And everything has happened, it has happened, ‘cuz it had must be happens.
bh11pluniforme-1You was still holded my hands. Even you have dive yourself in my glance.
It seemed that in someways, with those glances we were saying us everything that we were still didnt have say to us. But what had we were not said yet? And what which we had not said yet, we were saying  in these moments, silently.
In, your eyes there was the world in which i wanted to stay with you, and it was our world, where in our unconciously past lives, we were met already. And only in these moments we realized it. In our eyes was growing up the awarness of this. In these few seconds, as in a flashback, we ha relived the moment when i was falled. That moment was been the point of union amongst our past lives and the present lives.
Our hearts were about to drive crazy. Slowly, in  our mind itself, they was clarifying many things that till now were inexplicable.
I was looking at you and you was making the same. Our hearts were opening themselves, always more. We were still in front one another. We were breathless.
Only now, we have understood what Sowelu wanted say us. We were hold tighter our hands, as if we had a jolt.
The destiny had united us from long time, and we have understand all that in few istants.
We were confused by a force more strong than us. We were looking at one another, and you was settled yourself  next to me, on the sofa. We didnt take off our eyes one another and our breathe got faster and faster.  Now our only desire was to touch gently our faces, and maybe able to say something. But everything we wanted to say, we were making trough the eyes, already. We were  leaked the breath.”



“Our ⇒

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