tugforteStanded yourself up to settled the stones above the furniture above the stereo. I gave you the stones and with a smile every ours emotions were awake themselves again.
The light illuminating the room and everything seemed to have, even, a new meaning.
You was moving yourself around the room. I didnt know what you was doing.
I was remained on the sofa, staring the light from the window. I felt, you was walking trough the room.
I saw your shadow. You was talking to me. I heard the sound of your voice. It was like a sweet and deep music, but my thoughts were somewhere else.
I was dive myself in million of thoughts, that i was looking for to collect in a logical thread, but that till now i wasnt able to. The only thing that i focused, was been that, from my goofy fallen at the bar, from your first glance and from our first touch, is resulted something of real magical, and everything after has happened, it was something of incredibile. What we said us, what we had felt, above all that strange travel we’ve done, in that world surreal.
All these thoughts were running fast in my mind, and i wasnt able to stop them.
Until you didnt kneel yourself in front of me, taking my hands, and i finally i saw your wonderful face that was smiling me.
Wih a thread of voice, almost in throat, ‘I was thinking to everything which has happened… I didnt ever had something like this with noboidy else. That travel… every our experiences we had have, in so short time. They been intimate and so profound’. While i was saying this, you was looking at me with your eyes and was holding me tighter my hands.
You was understanding, even you too,  that were been experiences out of the normal, and i was trying to understand everything.  You looked at me and with a thread of voice, you have said ‘Let it be so’ and slowly you sweetly kissed me. Then a ‘I love you’ flew away in the air.”


⇐“Slowly we

“It was useless ⇒

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