Looking foward

finestraaereo_forteIn someways we get connect us and we feel us close one another.
Slowly we take a deep breath and our souls approaching, and for us it enough to stretch our hands to feel our hearts beating hard.
Your hand take mine, and slowly you wrap me in your embrace.
I can feel your breathe on my skin and i close my eyes and you are trasporting me in our parallel world.
We are get connect us one another, always more. I feel it and you feel it too.
That thin rope is growing up and now we both feel it.
From almost an year, this sensation is present our minds get connect one another.
Despite we are far, when everytime it happens, it’s like, as if we enter in contact with the deepest feeling we have one for another, and this is emotion is growing always more and we feel us always more close.
My heart is beating hard, even when i close my eyes to control myself. I feel your closeness becoming more present, more i write here in this open diary, and nobody take me off from my head, that is the right path to reaching you.
Even now, im writing i can feel you are close to me. I can feel your embrace, is wrapping me sweetly and i sigh, whispering your name.


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