“Slowly we

Were woke up still embraced one another.
The light of the day was completly entered and it was illuminating the room.
You didnt wanted leave me and i didnt make any resistance. Your embrace was the only thing i wanted, with your glance.
We had still the stones, in our hands.
Sighing, we had stared Sowelu, and we had thinking again about its meaning.
Your deep voice had whispered ‘We will find what it wants to say us’.
owen0019_forteYou have said this, looking at me in a such way that everything around us, it seemed fading, and in, your eyes, there was still, that sparkle. I had nod. ‘Let’s dont think about it now’ i had add ‘because we will understand it when it will happens’. I had added.
I was looking at you and what i was looking was the same glance of few hours ago, earlier we when have had made love.
I was looking at your desire, and you approaching you toward to me, slowly. You have kissed me sweetly.
‘Help me to dont drive crazy’, you have said me, kissing me again. Your lips were on mine.
What has been happened from that night, it was one thing that would have make drive crazy anybody else, for sure. But we werent driving crazy. We were met us for two reasons, but one of these, was still unknown even to us.
In those glances, in your lips, in your kisses,  our hearts that was going exploding there was the first reason.
We were destined to be together.”


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