I close

luke00111_contrario_forteiMy eyes and i feel you whisper from behind and slowly you take me off the shirt, and your bare chest touch soflty my back and your wrap me with your sweet embrace, turning me around.
Your bare chest, your hands on my hips and your eyes into mine.
What combination.
Suddenly our parallel world welcoming us and our connection become more strong.
It enough, to take a deep breathe and we are get connect us, one another, and our parallel world is closer that we could touch it and we can touch our hands, despite our distance.
We can hear our voices in our hearts. While we calling us one another, they exploding simultaneously and at the end we can touch us for real, just for a second infinite.
We can going crazy and we cand dive ourselves in our glances and there we can scream our love and for another second, we can kissing us one another endlessly.


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