I feel, you

0wenn0046pluniformeWas arrived suddenly. You arrived almost running and you have embraced me tight.
You have whispered my name. You have turned arounded me and immediatley our parallel world wrapped us in its magical atmosphere.
In, your eyes i see your desire to stay alone with me.
It’s from two days i feel this your desire. In our parallel world we are only us.
Tell me what are your thoughts, but above all your wishes. I know, are the same that me, i have had.
Staring you and feel our hearts beat at unison,  be embraced, and whisper our love, one another.
By now, this distance, is the only real obstacle. We feel us too much close one another, and we cant do anything about it.
We feel this thin rope growing up and get shorter and it make us feel always closer.
We need one another, almost unconciously.
I feel you, and you feel me.


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