“Hand in hand” – ○118○

We reached the sofa and we had decided to wait for the first lights of the day in silence, while we had look at us around the room, as if something was changed, but everything has remained the same.

save_forte054Embraced, without realizing, we were staring two magic stones, that were on the furniture above the stereo: it seemed they called us to be taken.
A force inside of us, made us to got up, and we went took them.
We returned on the sofa and at the same moment we opened our hands.
I have took Thurizaz and you Sowelu.

There was a lot of emotions around.
We knew their meaning
Our hearts was going, literally, crazy.

Thurizaz was saying us, we that had fought all our battles, even those more bitter and by now, we had its complete protection.
Instead the stone, in your hand, Sowelu, was been the most unexpected.

From a side it was saying us, what we had know already, but from the other side it was saying that we were reached the «target».
“Which target?’ we have whispered: we had know that it wasn’t those about the fights won against the past.
For a bit we remained speechless.

Then a little light has began to enter trough the big window and we were remained to stare it.
I was remained fascinated of how that light had gave you a special sparkle in the glance.

Slowly I touched your face and sweetly, you had kissed my hand… gently i have leaned my face on your chest, and you embraced me.

We whispered sweet words till we fallen asleep, while a new day was born.”


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