“We were still,

Insta5+lsovrapposto.JPGLooking at us deeply, while still around us, there was that atmosphere almost surreal, and our bodies were still receiving new flows from the other, and the emotions were still so big, that we werent able to talk. But it was what we wanted to.
But what which we were feeling had closed our stomach, and the only thing we could was still to remain so, one in front another, and see, feel what the last new emotions had to give us. We could feel little pulsations in our heads, and we knew that were of the heart of the other.
In our glances, we could, see a little universe made of  moltitude of colors, and if we were focused on them, we could see them around us, wrap us.
‘You’re magic’ been your whisper, while i was thinking that at the same moment.
While you was caressing my face i whispered ‘No, we becoming magic’
You was trasmitting me your all your love, and for me, it was just magic.
By now, the few tears that were falling, were becoming many. We knew that with those tears, we were purifying ours souls from the last shreds of what we both, in our lives, we have passed. We were there without make nothing, just we stared at us, one another, and feel all these sensations, emotions that flowing in us.
In someways, we wanted that those moment had no ends.
But more the time passed by, these energies were ending, and we were feeling as exhausted, as empty, b
ut at the same moment full of something new.
We have had know all that was finished, when, inside of us, we had felt sweet punch in our stomach, and around us those atmosphere, slowly  was fading out.
We were looked at around us, a little lost, but we had know, from now on, we were free.
That punch we had felt, it was only the past door was closing beyond us.
We were looked at one another silently.
Shyly we smiled us one another. We sighed. We holded more tight our hands.
We were feeling eachother lighter.
Without say nothing, you have took me in your arms and we went down.
We had, a little hungry.”


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“We ⇒

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