Went in the kitchen. You was preparing something to eat.
By now, around us, there was a new atmosphere, almost crystalline, and what we were feeling  for eachother, was there.
We were feeling a thread that, by now, was uniting us always more. And now, we were feeling the need to stare us one another
mikelukeforteWe asked ourselves if those we were feeling, it was the same that was feeling the other, and without add nothing, we simply smiled one another. ‘You have definitely revolutioned my life’ you have said me, and i have stretch my hand to you, replying ‘You did the same you, for me’ , while we were eating.
Our hearts were beating fast, and now, we had, no fear if the other could feel it to beat like a crazy. They beated at unison.
We having breakfast, but we didnt realized that it was deep night.
The city was sleeping, and we were the only awake.
From that night that i was falled at the bar, everything has changed, even our conception of the time.
There was no  a time to sleep,  a time to eat.
We had, changed the day for the night and the night for the day.
There was just the time for us. There was just a time for our emotions, a time to do what we wanted to do, a time to make love. And when we made love, it was always, the more passionate, sweet, overwhelming love that we could do.
While, we having that nocturnal breakfast, we have had understood, even this.
Our feelings were became so great to exceed these little rules, that by now, had regularized the whole world.
When we were about to finish the breakfast, we looked at us one another for a second.
‘We are breaking all this’ you have whispering me, while i was looking at you, stretching my hand to your. ‘What we have had felt till now, is a magic’
We were becoming, for real, magical.
And that magic, i could see it through your eyes.”


⇐“We were still,

“Hand in hand ⇒

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