“Your hands

Were still caressing me, and mine were still on your chest, when we were looked at us one another. And in that moment, we have understood that, we could look foward, without the fear of the ghosts of the past.
Shyly, you have smiled me and i have gave you the smile back, touching your lips, as if i wanted took it and putted it in my pocket of my heart.
By now, we had throw out, for real, everything beyond over our shoulders, we were about to enter in this new dimension, that it was our life that we were living together.


‘It has been spectacular’, you have whispered me, without take off your eyes from me.
And i knew, that you was talking about not just about the love we had just made. But of everything we had felt during that act.
The past, the fears, the ghosts were gone away, and now we were looking the future, sourrounded by our feelings.
We were enchanted by what which we were feeling, and we wanted to stay there for all the time it was been necessary.
We were feeling, as if a new lymph was entered in us. A heat that pervaded us, and our connection was growing up always more.
It was incredible what we were feeling in those moments.
We were looking at us one another, without making nothing, but inside of us, there was a revolution in progress.
Our hearts were going crazy.
The only thing, that we could was holding our hands, looking at us, one another, and waiting for that everything had ends.
It has been a twirl of  big emotions and some tears was fallen from our faces.”


⇐“My kisses

“We were still, ⇒

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