Since when

montain10forteI woke up myself, i have felt the vise in my stomach and i knew you was thinking a little bit to me.
When i feel our connection so strong, it means that our parallel world is near and it get connect us one another in a way that could be scramble our souls, but above all our hearts.
My heart is beating like a crazy.
In distance, i can hear you are whispering my name from time.
Our connection is strong, we feel us eachother, despite we are far.
I can feel your profume arounding me, and slowly i can feel you’re embracing me sweetly tight.
We, us, in our parallel world.
I take a deep breathe and i close my eyes and you’re here, just by my side.
How much i love this atmosphere that we are creating just with our emotions
I feeling my heart is exploding and i know your heart is exploding even too.
What has happened last night it confirms me still one more time, that our parallel world esixt for real, and we are waiting for  meet us one another.
I wait for that moment, by now, from an year.
I close my eyes and i sigh.


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