When you arrive,

lukevampy21scuriYou revolution my feelings. I feeling your eyes set on me, and i can that take a deepĀ  breath and close my eyes, i can feel your embrace from behind.
You holding me tight. I love your hands wrapping me.
Your embrace is so sweet, as you.
Our parallel world is gettin connect us one another. We are feeling it.
We are feeling our connection, is strong.
It’s like a thunder in open sky.
Suddenly we are feeling us close one another. Like this thunder uniting us more strong than ever. We both, are feeling it.
Me, i cant hold back a little tear.
You hold me tighter, and you whisper my name, maybe that’s the reason of my tears.
Despite our real distance, we feeling eachother so close, and our only desire is just look at us one another, and maybe approaching us and sweetly, embrace us, whispering our names.



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