“My kisses”- ○114○


Were became your growing desire, and your kisses were passionate.
Slowly, I left your passion go beyond mine.
Gently, our bodies became one only.
Our lips kissed each other tirelessly.

We were feel our souls were about to reach a point of real no return, and we could do not stop.
You was entering in me, in a way never felt before.

We looked at us, one in another, almost surprised of what we were feeling.
We were reaching something of inexplicable.

We were there, we were reaching a point of turning point in our lives.
Both, we had confessed to the other, things, thoughts, life experiences, never told to anybody.

We were been witness of the death of the past trough the glances, the words, the embraces, the silences of the other, and now, making the love, we were going trough the real path of the healing.

With our whispers, our moaning, our touches, our hands, we we really all this sending away.

By now, you was above me, and sweetly you have make me lifted my hands over my head, and together, we have felt an energy that, slowly was about left us.
It have go through our bodies trough the most intense orgasm we had.



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