luke_micheal14fscuriWas admiring me, after kissed me.
You have no say nothing, but you was just staring me, but i could feel your thoughts. You was looking at me deeply. You was looking at me as the first time we have sharing our glance in the bar and like you’ve done in the following days. You was only looking at me. But in you was born the awarness of whom, you had in front.
What which i could see in your eyes, was a mix up of emotions, seriousness, respect and a more quantity of love.
I was looking at these changes in you and i had understood that you was exceeding another kind of feelings.
By now, we had passed half day in the bedroom. We didnt care of it.
Our hearts was going drive crazy.
In your eyes, i’ve recognized that glance of the bar, in which you was feeling the desire to stare me, but in the same moment, you didnt wanted make you notice from me.
There was the same embarassement that there was at the bar.
There was the same excitement but with something more, something of special. Something that we were creating in that exact moment in which we were looking at us, one in another.
We have felt a mix of new feelings that were making themselves space next to the emotions we were feeling already.
Slowly, i’ve put myself above you, and i’ve make slide my hand in your shirt. You was still looked at me with that glance, in silence. You have left me do. And i’ve started to kiss you.
From your neck, to your cheeck to your mouth. While your hands holded me tight. And you didnt take off your glance to me. You’ve whispered my name.
Slowly those kisses were becoming something more intimate. And around us, it were developed an atmosphere even more magic, and even our touches, that were so delicate, we could feel them still more penetrating, and our moanings were their witness.”



“My kisses ⇒

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