You was stared at me, as if you had understood which kind of sacrifice i’ve had done for dont feel me in that situation. Chained for the rest of my life.
In a whisper you said me ‘You’re a magic bird and your wings has been clipped. You wanted be free and they wanted close you  in a cage.’ While you have said that, our emotions were developed around us, and everything was becoming light.
tug006_scuriYou holded my hand tight, and in your eyes, i could see, that you was understand that everything you had face up to, with your exgirlfriend, was a minimum thing, compared to which i’ve passed in these last seven years. I could see, everything of these thoughts trough your eyes. But i’ve said ‘I been well. In these years i clarified my ideas, and luckly i always had my diary, where i’ve put down every my thought, and it helped me much. Then that night, you’ve opened the door of the bar, you entered and something inside of me, told me «that guy has something of special», and it has been so. Since when you entered in the bar, i’ve seen everything more clearly. My heart opened even more. And this feeling im feel, even now, healed me from every things of the past. ‘ While i was saying this my eyes themselves were get wet.
You was looking at me speechless. I didnt ever say that to anybody. My soul was becoming a mirror, and you could see, all what which i was feeling in that moment .
I shaked a little bit, and you have noticed that. You approached me and sweetly you have wrapped me in your embrace, caressing my hair, first, then my face.
‘Since our glances met eachother, i’ve understood that my life would be changed,’ i’ve whispered you.
You have no say nothing, but right after, you gave me a kiss that had no end.”


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