“It seemed

It was arrived my turn to throw out everything behind of my shoulders.
You didnt ever asked nothing my past life. But in your last glances, by now, there was always a question that you wanted ask me, and me, i noticed it.
I’ve started to talk, after i took a deep breathe, and took your hand, and i’ve hold it tight.
glowen044scuriYou knew, that you would have the reply to your question.
‘I always lived with my parents, till i have sent them to the hell. The reason has been a guy that i met at a party organized by  them. This guy was a son of  some friend of my parents. I had always a weak for him, but i didnt knew he, him felt the same for me.
At this party we had have a lot of fun. We were always been together that night.
But at that party it has happened a bad thing.
After we have talk much, he decided to go to my dad to declare his love for me. In those situation, i thought, it was so romantic, but i didnt realized that he was drunk, and he posed himself stupidly, I was blinded by the feelings that i was feel.
At this party there was almost a fight between my dad and this guy.
I was come out, i was go to in his car and i had must wait for him. I had decided to leave with him. I had wait for him for hours in that car. I didnt ever see him anymore.
I was so angry and i have decided to leave from the house of my parents.
Fortunately the owner of the bar, had a room that he wanted sell for few money. I’ve took it. I have had no more news from my parents and from that guy.
They  were passed 7 years from that day. But from that day i’m feel  more free. I was as if i was chained. From that day i moved myself above the bar, i lived there.’
I was about to finish the phrase, but you’ve done for me. ”Till from you falled and i’ve help you to stand up’
You have said that phrase as if you was been the magician with his magic wand and he had make everything disappear in his hat, wrap everything in a magical dust.”


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