Even this music

x-defaultUnites us in such way. I just whispered you name and you’re come, and now yo’re embracing me tight. You turned me round and now we are smiling eachother. I whisper you ‘how i missing you’, but i feeling you by my side, you’re holding me tight. I take my deep breath. I bite my lips, looking at you. We are in front, my hands touching your chest trought this white shirt, slowly you slide it into, and right after you caress my face. My heart explode, you whispers and your lips sweetly touch mine and in our parallel world, we entering. Everything around reflects what we are feeling when we are close despite our distance.
I feel you so close to me. Your embrace is so sweet, i feel your eyes set on me, and you make me blush, wherever you are now. You’re here and i can feel you.


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