“After that kiss” – ○110○


You looked at me, as if you wanted asked me what did I think about on what i had just read: as if you want to know if my feelings were the same that you was feeling.

You was biting your lips, and my feelings were about explode.
You seemed a child who asked the forbidden fruit, but forbidden, wasn’t at all.
I have took again sheet of the paper, and slowly I leaned on your chest and together we had read what you had as soon write.

It was the first thing written after our meeting at the bar, and it was a your manuscript: they were your first written words after what happened among us.

I was reading aloud, but always with a soft tone of voice, and you followed me doing the same.
They were words of union, magic stones, souls that had fought together against adverse forces, emotions that reborn again and exploded, a sharing of sensations of heat, communications without words, colours, lights merging each other, and about a profound LOVE never felt before, and never seen in anybody else.
You have finished like this: “…your magic, feelings that you are able to give me, are full of a love that I’m still to learn to receive. Every time I looking at you my heart explode.”

I leaned the sheet of the paper on the bed sheet, and I sighed, I lifted my face toward you, and I took a deep breath, for then throw it away.
“They are the same feelings, that I feel even now.”
I looked at you, and I wasn’t able to hold back a tiny tear.
What which I was feeling in those moment, was bigger than me, and you was feeling it too.

We looked at us, and in that exact moment, a big twirl of emotions wrapped us, and we couldn’t do anything, we remained like this, and maybe sweetly we were touched our faces.”



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