Our whispers

luke-10forteAre meeting in our parallel world and there exploding in our glances. I feel your hands hold tight my hips and my hand on chest, slowly sliding in your sweater and you leave me do, you close your eyes for a second, whispering me to continue. Slowly and sweetly i take you it off, and you open again your eyes. What which we feeling for both, is written in your expression. There is such sweetness, tenderness and some mystery.
Even you, cant explain yourself, why our connection is strong.
In these hours our connection is far, but that thin rope doesnt ever break.
Everytime one of us, whisper the name of the other, it strenghtened always more.
Even now, i feel our parallel world expamnd around me and i feel you inside of it, you are embracing me and always more i think you, this embrace become more strong and i feel you always more close to me, and my emotions are growing up fast in me.
I’m thinking you always more and now i feel your closeness is always more present.
From a little thought our connection inexplicable, become the most beautiful sensation i had ever felt in my life. An emotion that contain everything which is beautiful. You.


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