“I was woke up” – ○109○

I was, slowly, opening my eyes, and you was next to me, sat on backrest of the bed, with a paper and a pencil, writing.

You was focused to write that you hadn’t realized that I was staring at you.
michealwrite02fpluniforme-1I asked myself: “What are you writing?”
You was so concentrated on that sheet of paper: I was smiling, I didn’t wanted distract you.

My feelings were strong and your pencil so fast, that in someway, they seemed go thought the same path, but on different lanes.
Sometimes, you have lifted your face for to look at something that there wasn’t: simply, you was collecting your thoughts, and right after, you have putting them on that sheet.

Maybe it has been like the first time you have felt the need to put what you was feeling on paper.
You was still writing, and in my mind, an image: you that, just entered in your apartment, almost breathless, in search of a sheet and a pencil to write many phrases, even unfinished, on what you had felt when our glances met, the first time.

You was writing fast, sometimes you deleted the last phrase you have wrote, murmuring.
You was so tender: I was understanding you.

When, was seemed that you had finished to write, sweetly I caressed you, and that morning our glances met for the first time.
You have smiled me sweetly, while you have put down the paper, and the pencil on those little furniture next the bed, and you have kissed me, asking me if I had slept well.
My glance was one of the most sweet I had could give to you.
“Since when I sleep with you, everything around me is wonderful. You, are wonderful”‘ it was my reply.

You looked at me silently, then you gave me the sheet, in a whisper, you said me: “I want you read it”.
I settled myself even me, on the backrest, and I  have began to read.
When I began to read it, I leaked the breathe: my heart has began to beat hard.

What which you have wrote in that sheet, were mine the very same sensations: emotions, the feeling of freedom from the past, and at the end, you have described what you was feeling.

When I have finished to read it, i have leaned the sheet by a side.
You was looking at me.
We dived one in the soul of another, then after a moment in suspension, we kissed us passionately.”


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