“With the same

Calm with which we went to the bar, we returned at your house.
You was looking at me, as if you had see in me  something more of spectacular.
Me, i was careful to walk, and your hand holded me tight. You knew to be my support, and this was another proof of trust for both of us.
There were few people in the street, we walked between them, but we were, as if were protected by an invisible shield.
glance_sommaYour eyes were always set on me, i’ve felt them, even if i couldnt see your face, cuz i was focused where i could put my feet without to do not fall.
Along the street, we didnt talked.
I felt your heart, take again the normal beat. In my apartement our hearts were about explode. And surely, you have felt mine doing the same thing.
To walk, take again the normal fuctions of our bodies, it made us feel good.
We didnt realize that we’ve taking deep breathe, always at the same time.
We arrived at the rusty gate, you’ve opened it.
You stopped youself for a while. We looked at us, one another. The feelings we had have feel in my apartement, seemed faded.  But just after, you’ve whispered me ‘My god, how much you are beautiful’ and right after you have kissed me, were wrapped and scrambled us, once again.
Silently, we entered. Without looking at us around, you have take me in your arms and slowly, we went in your bedroom, and there you have lean me then you’ve done the same.
Face to face, we’ve caressed our faces till we have closed the eyes.
In this way, you had turned round one of the saddest page of  your life, caressing my face.”


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“I was woke up ⇒

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