“Since has began

This adventure, our glances didnt take off one from another. We were feeling, as if were two calamites were attracted one another. Your glance was fixed on mine and my eyes were fixed on your. As if the eyes had wanted say more than the feelings that we were already feeling.
mikeluke05forteWe had decided to return at your home.
By now my little apartment was charged of  many emotions that were become almost tangibles, and we were about be swallowed in of  them, and our hearts was about to explode, literally.
We had must to make enter new air in that little room. It was full of vibrations of which we, were the authors.
Even the minimum touch had provocate in us a new emotion, and everytime, we had must took a deep breathe.
We had must leave my apartement immediately.
In that apartment, we entered, load of old memories, bad sensations that we wanted delete from our minds, and we came out reborn.
And our glances had saying us just this Above all your.
I was looked at you in bar, and i’ve understood, you had must escape from there.
You have had need to remove all that one from your mind, and by now, in your eyes i was watching the calm and  the beauty of love that you was feeling for me.
Slowly, we had left my apartment, and that  ‘I love you’ resounded again, fading, just closed the door.”


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