I close my eyes

34scuriAnd i feel your embrace from behind that holding me tight and i feel your whisper from far, wherever you are. Surely you’re sleeping, but in someways our parallel world get connecting us, one another, cuz i feeling your closeness, you’re by my side. You’re holding me from back. I waiting for that you turn me around and our eyes meet.
You have the eyes closed, we whisper our names and our parallel world developing itself around us magically and we can feel us in a strong way that it takes our breath away. Your embrace make itself strong and i feel your closeness more close to me.
Slowly i feel your lips touch mine, my heart explode, as your. And what which we see are the colors of our souls melting eachother, wrapping us, one another.
Just a whisper fly away in the air.
‘I need to be close to you’.


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