“We had to must

Still understand how to move us inside of these new awareness of feelings we had felt since when we met us. We had know, that we were arrived at this point of this journey very important, that it would have marked in a definitely way, our lives.
We were looked at us one in another, and right after, you was caressing my face, and i’ve 
took, your hand in mine, and with a big sighing i asked you ‘Are we ready to go on?’  You looked at me with the most intense glance, aninsta0forted with your deep voice, that i always loved, you have replied
With you and for you i would face up  everything. I’ve understood it, since when we stay together that there is no need to make big things to be happy. The only important thing is only to feel our emotions, and you gave them me alot. Even now, im looking at you….  i feeling your sensantions in your eyes. They are many, i feeling them and im feeling good. I need of these emotions. I just need of you’
While you was saying these words, my hands holded tight yours, and each words you have pronounced, was explode in my heart. You was looking at me and with a whisper, you made me the same question. I was still scrambled by your words, that the only thing, i have had could was looked at you and slowly kiss your mouth and right after i have replied you ‘I was already ready, when you was entered the first night in the bar, you have revolutioned my life since our first glance. I’ve understood that you would been part of my life, even only in my poems, if i wasnt falled and you didnt gave me your hand. I would say, yes.’
We were looked at us for a long moment, then we given us one another a passionate kiss.
We were ready to fight everything the world would put us in front.
We were hold our hands, tight.”


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“Since has began ⇒

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