micheal17forteI’ve felt your lips on mine. I remained breathless, speechless. I’ve felt your arms holding me tight.
You leaving me without the breathe. I can feel your scent. I can take deep breathe to dont drive crazy. I can hear you ‘You, missed me in these hours’. You, missed me too much.
Eachtime i feel you far, i feel a little bit lost, but now you’re here close to me.  i feel your embrace. It’s tight, as if you wanted dont leave me anymore. But we dont leave us, our parallel world is get connecting us one another stronger. My vise in stomach get bigger and bigger, and you feel it as i do. I can feel your chest against my back and you breathe get fast. I wait for you turn me around to dive myself in your eyes and feel our world explode around us, and for magic, disappear in of it, together embraced one another, while you’re kissing me sweetly and my feelings melts with yours.



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