Slowly i’m

long0039lineareWhispering your name and  slowly, from far, our parallel world get connect us, one another, and more i think of you, more you feel me. Slowly very slowly you’re coming to me. Our connection is far, but little eletric shocks communicating. We both feeling them. We are not losing our magic, we are only a little bit more distant. But that bond there is always. We feeling it inside of us. Maybe you’re doing something important, and you dont must stop, but you are feel my whisper. Slowly i can feel your desire to come next to me. This time i can embrace you from behind and i can leave you breathless. This time i can turn you around and make meet our glance suddenly and wait for that our parallel world explode around us.
To see in your eyes what i had always i would have i wanted to see, our parallel world, born from your surprise, from your sweetness, from the beauty of your soul and whispering you ‘Im here’, as eachtime you do, with me.


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