“Our glances

owenmppluniformeWere stare, one in another. What we were feeling was still a thing undefinied. We had understood, altough, everything we were feeling, still one more time, it was one thing that we had no felt till  we didnt met us.
In that little room, one time, without any meaning, now it was concretizing the most beautiful thing of the world. All what we had felt, since we met, everything we had done. From all that it was about born the real love that we had collected trough all of the little pieces we had put together, since when you have helped me to stand up in the bar.
And it was the most great feeling of love that we have could feel.
We were feeling us, as wrapped in a invisible blanket and our need to embrace us one in another it was so strong, but we had still need of our glances.
What we could, see in our eyes, was the purest form of love and we could feel, our hearts melting eachother.
Our feelings were really exploding and we were the fuse from which everything was burning.
We had no say a word. We were looking at one in another.
We were feeling one of the most big feeling that we ever had have feel.
We were attending to the born of our purest love.”


⇐“That feeling

“We had to must ⇒

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