“We were

insta25sommaRemained so, embraced without say a word for all the time we had felt it was necessary. We had feel our hearts beat sometimes fast, sometimes slow. We had still, felt our feelings  flowing in us, but they were fading slowly, but we had felt, even, that a little part of the feelings of the other, were remained in us, and our connection was growing up more.
Suddenly, you was settled yourself on backrest of the bed and you had taking a deep breathe.
Our eyes met one another. You was about to talk, and those feeling, we were feeling, it didnt wanted go away.
Slowly, you have started to whisper.
‘Since when we had crossed our eyes, one in another, i have know that you would been a special person for me, and that has been. In your eyes there was world without boundaries and you have taking me there’. My heart was beating so hard. Your words were the same that i would wanted to say to you.  I was remained breathless but at the same time enchanted by the sound of your voice.
You was declaring slowly, your sincere love, for me. By now, you could feel my heat in my soul expand itself rapidly, and you could feel my feelings were the same, without i had added anything else.
Your words resounded in that little room and slowly they wrapped us sweetly.
I wanted only feel your embrace wrapping me still.
Embraced, one another, a whisper flew away in the air. ‘I love you’.



“That feeling ⇒

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