“That feeling” – ○104○


It was filling our hearts.
Whoever of us had said it, knew that had a great meaning for both of us. It knew that pronouncing that phrase, it would have united its soul to the other forever.
We looked at us, one another aware of what we had have said, and heard, and of what that phrase it would have involved: all our life, together.

That little phrase contained the biggest of the magic, and by now, it have be must pronounced, and everything we had felt, was contained inside of it, and sometimes, it could have exceeded that feeling itself.

You had deleted from your mind all the bad memories of the past.
I was looking at you, as, the new begin of my life.
When we had make love, I had deleted all my solitary life that i had have lived till now: as you, I was reborn: from my ashes, were reborn all my feelings and they were reborn thank to your glance toward to me.

After saying, and heard that phrase, in few moments we had lived again, all our life till that instants, in our own way.
We had sighing as if we wanted throw away everything of the past, behind our shoulders, and begin to watch to the future, living again in our minds everything: from our very first glance, till that last one.”



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