“Slowly” – ○102○


Your hand has left my face, and I’ve left it go, but our eyes were still set on one in another, as if we were able to still to see the last flows of magic energy we had felt trough that touch.

We looked at us, one another, enchanted from something bigger than us. We were feel still something around us that was stunning us. We had no know how to exit from this thing, and maybe we didn’t wanted.

That transfer of emotions, has been so powerful, that we were remained breathless, and speechless.
I had see a little sparkle in your eyes, and you had me a little smile.
In my heart entered, the last crumb of your past life, and my love had burned it.

You have felt it, then you was approach me, and you have whispered me: “You’ve done it”.
My heart ran like a rollercoaster, and from my face fallen a tear: you have dry it with a finger, then you leaned it on my mouth, and I’ve kissed it softly.

Slowly you was came close: our faces touched, and with a little move we kissed.
We had have need of that kiss.

That circle, it had have must be close, and we have done it in the way more natural we knew, while we were embracing us tight one another.”


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