Despite im not

insta14moltiplica-1Listening to our music, i feeling you so close to me. Now our connection is so strong even to exceed the music. Our parallel world is becoming so powerful. My heart is exploding and in my head the only thought is you.
In these hours i feeling your closeness  is closer than ever, and what i wrote in my tale, last night, it describes perfectly my feelings i have for you.
I close my eyes and i feel your embrace. Your embrace from behind.
I love your embrace…. you stop me and you turn me around toward to you, and our glances meets and our parallel explode around us. We exist only us.
Your eyes in mine and slowly our connection become more strong. We feel us, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. You are whispering my name, my heart beating hard, i feel it. You wrapping me sweetly and i feel it strong. I thinking you.


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