“I was feeling” – ○101○


You was completely opening yourself. I have observed at you in the bar: you have seen in her eyes what you would have not wanted feel in your soul, in your heart but above all in your head: the void.
It was a sensation that I had never felt, but I could imagine how it was.

What you have seen in her eyes, i have seen it too. They had something vitreous. I couldn’t see her soul, and that was a bad sensations, and I understood you.
We looked at each other, just only few instants in silence, and in that glance was exploding every colour of each emotions we had have feeling in those moment.
We were feeling wrapped by these great sensations that we weren’t able to hold back.
We staring us, one another and we could see each little facial expression changes.

“That’s I really wanted, and I found it when met you” you have whispered me touching my face softly.
I didn’t want you to take my hand off my face, so i took it again, and I kept it like this sweetly.
It was one of the most intensive moment since when this adventure has begun, and I wanted it had no end: we didn’t wanted it had no end.

In those touches we could feel everything flowing in us: bad sensations that were going away, and good vibrations that were entering in us.
Your hand on my face, my hand on your, and every feeling we were feeling, was projecting us in another level of awareness of everything.
We were perceiving it. We had not know how many times we lost in our glances, but we had always find the way to return back.

It was enough a sparkle in our gazes.
It was as if we were able to watch trough the soul of the other. In that moment we could feel the feelings of the other: they were exactly the same, but with little different fades. I felt your feelings were opening themselves always more each seconds more, and you was feeling mine that were making enter inside all the heat came from you.

We were literally merging us, one in another, and more the time passed by, more we were feeling us one only soul, trough our minds, our hearts but above all trought that little delicate touch of the hands. It has been transcendental.”


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