“In that room” – ○100○

Our parallel world wrapped us and we were feel us in our safe place, and nobody couldn’t hurt us.

You was looking at me, and I was waiting for you start to talk: you was collecting your thoughts, you wanted say me something. I had perceived it. I didn’t wanted put you pression: we had all the time of the world.

lukehuff11forteThen you have began.
“It was everything hasty with her. There was never a calm moment: thing I really needed sometimes, stay in silence, I needed time to reflect, stay with myself. I didn’t ever had it with her: she never stopped.
At the end I didn’t make it no more: If I had asked her to marry me, I would been swallowed up in her twirl, and I didn’t never came out, and if we didn’t ever met us, maybe, I would be enter in the bar for a case, and for sure, you would have seen the empty in my eyes, as i’ve seen it in her. What I’ve seen, in that bar, it would been my future if i did took the decision to make her that question. When I’ve bought the ring, i did believe to change her, I was convinced to make it, but more the time passed by, more she enter in a dark side of the life from which she didn’t would been ever came out. I have passed some the most beautiful moments of my life with her, without shadow of doubt, but now everything is clearest.”

You was telling me these things, as if you didn’t tell them to anyone else. My heart was beating fast.
Our glances were stare one in another. I could see, in your, your sense of freedom that you was feeling.
I was in silence: I was listening to you, as if each your word must makes part of me.

Our emotions were in the air and we could, feel them, they melting each other.
“When I’ve crossed your glance” – you have continued – “I felt something that I was about to forget. The love for life, and in our glances there was a lot of it.”

Those last words was been left in suspension, but we knew that were would not the last.
We were remained to stare us one another, in silence.

Eyes in eyes, our feelings were merging one in another, and we have had remember those first glances that we have shared in the bar, smiling us and blushing.”


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