How did i know

insta14forte-1That you was come back in Melbourne? You have said it in that following tweet you posted after that i wrote my poem/thought. The only answer i can give myself is ‘It has been our parallel world’ and now im more sure of this. We are connect in a strong way, and this is one of the many proof of that. Of our parallel world born from a dream and slowly it was developed around us and now it says us, where we are, what we are doing and maybe even what we are think.
Our parallel world is becoming powerful, just only now i realizing of that, and maybe you are realizing it too.
My heart is beating hard and now every though is toward to you and my head is exploding, i feeling our flows run and always more we are connect, one another.
I close my eyes and i feel your embrace wrapping me sweetly. We need of these moments of simply tranquillity. Just you and me so, that we are communicating with our emotions, our flows, our whispers and our written words.
More time pass by more i really need of this. Only, to stay, with you in our parallel world, even in silence, far,  but embraced one in another.
We remain so.


‹As promised


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