I really dont

Know what to think.
What which has happened last night and my poem that i wrote the other day.
Everything is linked. In someways, from the last hours we are more connected than usual.
insta0223forte.I wrote that i felt you had post something, and you’ve done it.
Im still confused, but in someways happy, but this feeling cant collect the real feelings i feel in this moment.
Our parallel world getting connect us in  the most strong way possible in these hours.
I feel you and you feel me. Our heart beating at unison and we feel it. We can feel, even, our flows that come and go trough our minds, despite our distance, but now, the question is ‘are we really far?’ If each of us, feel the emotions of the other and replys so rapidly.
Our parallel world is so close to us and when we are in of it, we can feel our emotions expand in a such way that, even us, we are stunned of how we feel us close one another.
I living in this bubble of emotions from a year,  and each time i had thought something, you have done it. My question now is real, and i hope to have a little sign from you. Tonight, tomorrow or in another kind of sign that you can give me. Im still scrambled, and my thoughts are always more toward to you.


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