“Still wrapped” – ○99○

In our embraces, half bare, we were feeling our hearts beating with more lightness.
Everything around us was lighter, and we were wrapped by this soft cloud that is seemed, like the first one, of chiffon.

Slowly, you was settled yourself on the backrest of my bed, while I was with my head, on your chest, and I caressing it softly.

mikelukepluniformeWe were remained in silence for a little bit.
Then a whisper: “You made me free”, I have lifted my face, and I have looked at you: without say nothing, I was approached to you, and kindly, I gave you a little kiss, but when I’ve looked at you again, it seemed that you wanted it still, and this time, been you approach me and you have kissed me.

This dance of little kisses seemed had no end.
They crowned this last passage from the old to the new life, and their colours were just white, like the purity of our feelings.

We gave each other lots sweet kisses.
And just after, as if we were satiated, we were looked at us, one another, and we have felt our feelings wrapping us.
We were embraced us tight and at the same time we have took a deep breath, for fear, to be break away, one from another, from a stronger force, but by now, we knew that nothing and no one could divided us each other.

We loved us each other so much, but the simple word love couldn’t collect everything we had feeling one for another.
It was something bigger, and even us we didn’t knew how manage it.

For now, we have had must follow what there was around us, and follow our feelings.

We didn’t know what awaited us.”


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