Here you are


That whispering my name and i feeling you behind me and you embrace me.
I must always take a deep breathe, eachtime it happens, and it happens by now from a week in a strong way.  I have also difficult to swallow, when you’re next to me.
By now, our parallel world get connect us fast and our flows come and go trough our minds and aint easy to think to another things. Now our souls getting uniting and we feel our heart beating and we are talking to. You are whispering my name and i feel it. Your whisper scrambling me all, and i replying you in this diary.
It could be the most weird thing for to communicate, but it’s the only we know, for now.
I close my eyes, when i feel you call my name, and i closing them many times and my heart is going crazy, cause i feel your closeness so much in these hours.
I feel you want to say me something and i will dont surprise me if you will tweet something in the future hours, maybe we are really stay together, and we still dont know it conciously.
How i feel you close to me right now.
You’re watching me and i feel your eyes set on me and i feel you’re smiling me, and i blush a lot.  I feel you so much.


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