“You was already” – ○97○

Kissing me with all your sweetness, and your penetration was as much sweetly.

We were looking at each other: your hands on my body, you inside of me, our breathes at unison, and our minds connected one another.
glance033forteOur flows came and go in different ways:
We were merging us each other, always more.

As the first time, we were feeling wrapping in a soft cloud, but this time, what which I was feeling each time pushing you inside me, it was like you was leaving out always more something of your past, and you was leaving it go away, to no longer return.

From that little window, was going shatter the last pieces of a life that you no longer wanted live no more.

Your kisses were of a sweetness incredible: were soft, delicate, unique. I didn’t wanted you stop yourself.
We were about to reach the peak of our pleasure, but we have slowed down.
We both, wanted continue to stay in that state.
We were kissed us for a lot.
You have remained stay inside of me gently, and you have continued to play hips’ game, with sweetness, till our primordial instincts made us feel their need to explode.

We were feeling the contractions inside of us, but we didn’t wanted split us.
We relaxed, like this: one inside of the other.
You laid down yourself sweetly on me.
We fell asleep, like this.”



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