“We were

michealuke5forteWoke up in someway, still united, we had feeling as our energies were still melting eachother, one with another and you was looking at me smiling me. We both, have understand that, as those little ray of light was enter in the room, when we have make love, the last piece of your past life it was really, gone  away. It’s been as if those little ray of sun had swept it away, and now you was looking at me with a new sparkle in the eyes. I was happy and those heat that, earlier, wrapped only you, now, was slowly wrapping even me.
We were in that little room, but it was like, as if the wall were disappeared and our feelings made flight the bed with us on it. We were feeling the same emotions at the same time.  We were feeling the aboslute happiness.
We had have exceeded eveything and even this, maybe one the most hard moment, we fighting old demons, facing up to them and defeating them doing the most soft of the love.”


⇐“You was already

“Still wrapped ⇒

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