I didnt

201019blueEver stop myself so soon, to write what i feeling in this moment, but i must to do.
Your closeness is so strong, more than the other times. I feeling you right here and you’re seem for real here next to me. Maybe you want to say me something, maybe our parallel world get us connect eachother so hard, because it preparing itself to become our real world. It’s from yesteday that i feel you in a such way that all my emotions are scrambling and i had stopped myself to write what i feeling in unusual hour.
It’s from yesterday i feeling you closer than usual. My vise in stomach get bigger and bigger and all my thought are toward to you.  I believe in someway, something i writing, it getting connect us more than usual.
In this lonely room, im not at all alone. You’re wrapping me in your sweet embrace, and i feel secure with you.
I feel you’re whispering my name, and i feel it. We both feeling our reciprocal feelings, our reciprocal recall and we reply with eachother with the way we know better. You, whispering my name, scrambling me, and me writing to you in this diary.
We are feeling us so close, one another.
I sighing….hard.


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