Your closeness

marloweforte00340Is strong and i can feel you here, even if you are not really by my side. I lack the breathe and i must take a deep breathe to take it again, but it’s not enough. I feel you around me… inside of me, and your embrace drive me crazy, you know itĀ better than anyone’else. And your embrace begin to wrapping sweetly then more tight. I close my eyes and i feel your body always more close to mine At the end our eyes meet eachother, when you turn me around and there our parallel world explode around us and we are in of it.
We dont have need to say nothing, because, just with our glances we say us everything we want, and we know what we want.
Slowly your embrace heat me and suddenly you bring my hand on your chest and we start our own game.
Our breathe become always more fast and our lips touch eachother slowly.
Your hands take my face and your whisper make me feel in in another world, as if i was already there. In our own parallel world.
I close my eyes and i feel your hands on my hips, but which i feeling more are your lips that kissing me in every part of my body.
When we get connect us eachother so intimately i can feel your closeness, as if you penetrate me and slowly we make love. Are we doing it, despite we are far?


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